And I’m off…


My journey to Lima was a bit of a mixed bag…it started off with me finding a beloved necklace in my sweater pocket that I thought had made its way back to Switzerland – good omen I hope! Then, thanks to the wise advice of my Godmother I caught a much earlier train to the airport (you never know with London transport these days), only to find I’d gotten the time of my flight wrong so by the time I’d strolled through security et al I only had 20min until my flight was boarding – could have been an epic fail.

My flight to Madrid took no time at all as I got talking to the British girl next to me (another Bekah) who is living and working in Madrid. My long layover in Madrid was definitely needed as the security check took about a year. Then my ‘I don’t know what’s going on I’m a foreigner’ card came in handy as I skipped the horrendously long queue for the plane. My luck held as my seat was two rows from the exit / entrance (same thing), and one man next to me kindly opened the bottle of water I was struggling with (do they HAVE to screw them so tight). Unfortunately for the nearly 12 hour flight I was stuck in a middle seat. I was so shattered I took a sleeping pill and pulled my eye mask down ready to sleep the flight away…at first I tried curling up which hurt my back but I found if I wedged my hand between my back and the arm rest I was actually quite comfy. Until I was waving in my dream and tried to act it out in my sleep, which woke me up and realised I couldn’t feel my hand. I then dreamt I had the longest wee ever, so when I woke up I had to ask the man next to me to move or risk acting that one out in my sleep as well. Finally I tried a new position, only to later wake up and have to lift my leg around until it regained feeling, so not wanting to cause myself an injury I gave up on trying to sleep.


When I finally arrived at the hostel it was a mixed bag of emotions. I’m so excited for this trip, but the last time I was here I was with my amazing Swiss Miss and regularly texting a boy who was coming to meet me in Peru. When I finally caught up with Abi (my fellow San Juan / Sunday Funday goer / glitter girl) I took her to the famous Cat Park – something I had done last time I was here. Only when we got there (I suppose due to lawn mowing and other maintenance works) there were no cats. It made me realise that even though I may be doing something similar today, no moment is ever the same twice, and we really do need to do our best to live in the moment. There’s no point in living in the past, because although you may have enjoyed it whose to say that things won’t be even better a second time around?

Day one and I’ve gone all philosophical .. time to hit the red wine with my stunning redhead and soak up the sun.





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