Happy New Year 2017

Girls girls girls 

2016 was a year of firsts for me. I went backpacking alone for the first time. Went to Spanish school, had my first ‘girls trip’ to Croatia and negotiated myself terms in a new role at my old company.

2017 is set to be a very exciting year as I pack my bags and head back to explore South and Central America with what I hope will be a lot of firsts and new experiences along the way.

We’re usually spread over a few countries at a time. A rare picture of my family together these days

I was lucky enough to welcome in the New Year with my beautiful family who all organised to come together for a few days and spend some quality time together before I set off again.

New Years cuddles with this little one 💓

I’ve been hearing a lot lately that life is made up of moments, and one moment that stood out to me this New Years was when my 4 year old niece asked us all to cheers her grandad and grandad GG (great-grandad) and “all our family and friends in heaven.” It was one of those beautifully humbling moments when someone you spend time teaching and answering countless questions for (no I don’t know why the sky is blue) manages to teach you something about appreciating the moment you’re in and the people that are there to spend it with you.

Even as we drew New Years to a close like this. I’ve already failed dry January 



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