The stuff dreams are made of – pt 2

All bars should have swings

I flew through Costa Rica and Panama, but one of my favourite stops was Bocas del Toro, carribean side, northern Panama. I was with an excellent group, you had to take water taxis to get anywhere and the islands had the perfect mix of party and chill out. I went on a bat cave tour (highly don’t recommend), I fell over a few times, almost lost my flip flop, and only at the end of the tour realised that catching myself on the wall every near fall had resulted in a layering of batshit over both hands. Saw a lot of bats though. The snorkelling was much better – saw my first ever starfish! The bike ride was great fun, and the beaches were stunning. Aqua Lounge is a must – swings in the bar and it has a sweet vibe.

Rainbow Mountain

I loved Peru. I did get quite sick there but I ended up travelling with the most amazing people and I hardly stopped laughing and smiling (although they’ll tell you I moaned a lot because they liked to gang up on me). Machu Pichhu is obviously a big attraction and worth seeing (so I’m told, the fog never cleared for us >_< ). The lesser known attraction is Rainbow Mountain, it’s a really tough hike (especially if you’ve got altitude sickness), but absolutely worth the effort it takes to get there because of it’s 360 gorgeous views.

Evil looking baby Llama

Struggling back down from Rainbow Mountain and this baby Llama gave me the stink eye. Have you ever just prayed that something doesn’t start chasing you because you’ve literally not got the energy to run away, but then you wonder if you’d suddenly find the energy and get back to the van that much quicker…

Ninja Turtle abseiling

In Bolivia on a rest day – which really means,’ I’m feeling too lazy to do much and if I have to do another bus journey today my numb bum may never regain feeling’, I decided with some pals to go abseiling. (One of whom was a strapping young Finnish guy and is adamant the scream we heard as he did his 50m free fall was that of a young girl who dropped her ice cream at the exact moment he fell – I mean it’s possible..). We abseiled as a Ninja Turtle, Spider-Man and a Hotdog Cow (half cow, half hotdog). If that didn’t give us enough of a giggle we then had to walk back up to the abseil (shop?) via a fancy pants restaurant at the top of what looked to be a relatively fancy hotel in the middle of La Paz.

Salt Flats Silliness

The Salt Flats in Bolivia are definitely worth visiting. Super stunning and if you’ve got enough imagination you can take all sorts of funky photos. It is really cold though, there’s not much available in the way of food, electricity is at a bare minimum so grumpy levels can increase. I may or may not have had a slight tiff with the travelling byf at the time about him hiding my pajama top (it had fallen off the bed to the floor), and proceeding to place my ice cold feet on him all night in revenge – whoops.

Another Sunday Funday with Abi

I had 5 months of adventures in; Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. I smiled, laughed (got hangry) my way through all of them and I’m so excited to be getting back out there for some more! First stop is going to be Peru to join up with my Sunday Funday girl Abi. Let the mischief begin…



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