Let’s have an adventure


Back in 2015 I’d accomplished a major goal of mine and had planned to move back to London from Zürich. At the last moment the move fell through – and having achieved what I’d set out to do in Zürich I was at a total loss for my next step. So I continued in a job that wasn’t really going anywhere, not really enjoying myself, because it was an easy / comfortable life and I simply didn’t know what else to do.

Travelling is something I’d always wanted to do but I was too scared to go alone. So I convinced myself I needed to keep working and save up and wait for a friend of mine to be in a position to go with me.

A new joiner to the team at work (Stephan) and I became friends and we started to discuss the idea of travelling. Unbeknownst to our company he was working like a maniac to save up and head off into the big wide world. I admired his courage but again convinced myself it wasn’t something I would ever want to do alone. We had numerous conversations about solo travelling and eventually he convinced me I was being a..chicken and that if I waited for a friend I’d be waiting forever.

Stephan and his new travel buddy

Stephan talked about heading to a language school to learn some Spanish and showed me the options in Central / South America. It seemed like a good way to ease into solo travelling – accomodation would be sorted, meals taking care of, and it would be easy to meet new people going to school. So I completely nicked his idea, booked a one way flight to Nicaragua for the new year and spent the next few months making myself cross eyed with about a thousand packing lists.

January 2nd 2016 – and we have take off.

The ‘oh shit – what have I done’ moment

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